Our hands are full, but you should see our hearts!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

How time flies...

The past few months have really seemed to fly by. Jackson gets bigger and more mature every day. He's over eight months old now and doing all kinds of new tricks. He's got teeth, eats Cheerios, tries to crawl, pulls himself up and all kinds of things that keep Mommy and Daddy entertained and busy. Andy and I are constantly amazed at our handsome little boy and at what a good baby he is.

Molly is getting bigger and more active all the time, too! We have a little over three months until she makes her grand entrance and there is so much to do before she gets here! While the idea of having two kids so close together is scary and overwhelming still, we're incredibly excited. 2008 was an awesome year for us as we welcomed our first baby, bought our first house, found out we're expecting another baby, and continued working at great jobs. We hope and pray that 2009 is just as good.