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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Year Stats

Molly's first birthday party was a lot of fun! It was wonderful having all of our family (except Kyle) with us. The kids are quickly outnumbering the adults so it's very chaotic when we're all together, but that's the way we like it. I'll post more pictures whenever my camera is not at work like it is now. Thanks for the picture above, Heather!

Molly (12 months):
  • 23 lbs. 4 oz. (slightly over 75th percentile)
  • 29 1/2 in. tall (slightly under 75th percentile)
  • her head is 75th percentile (I don't remember how big)
  • words include "Da Da" "Uh Oh" "Bye Bye"
  • is holding her own with Jack and will tackle him to get what he is playing with (he rarely pushes back)
  • loves to unfold all of Mommy's folded laundry
  • cruising on furniture and is so close to taking her first steps
  • hugs her new baby dolls and kisses them (she's gonna be a good mama!)
  • is so excited to see Jack whenever they have been apart
  • drinks one bottle at night and one in the morning (sometimes those are sippy cups instead)
  • her new lovey is Pink Blankey
  • is cutting some molars and rarely fusses about them but her gums are really swollen
  • loves cheese crackers, cheese, chicken, bananas... pretty much whatever we put in front of her
  • her absolute favorite thing to do is shred magazines
  • is just so cute I want to squeeze her

Jack (22 months):

  • the scale this morning said 29 lbs
  • he's got words we don't even realize he knows... "Weawy" (really?); "Yeah yeah"
  • says his ABCs during diaper changes (only repeats them after me and really loves the letter O)
  • counts to three
  • HATES when Molly turns the channel
  • will still fall asleep on me when we snuggle
  • loves Elmo, LITTLE PEOPLE (calls them Poo Poo), Blue Puppy, outside, tractor, Molly, brushing teeth, bathtime, sweeping and mopping, all music
  • really notices whenever anything is different (pulls on my hair when it's curly, finds all the new Easter decorations, etc)
  • grabs cotton balls and tries to take off Molly's toenail polish
  • is just so freaking cute it hurts