Our hands are full, but you should see our hearts!

Monday, March 24, 2008


The nesting instinct has officially kicked in around our place. Andy and I spent the weekend cleaning out Jack's room and organizing to prepare for the bombardment of baby gear coming our way. Jack and Andy's recording stuff will be able to happily coexist in one room (but we'll see how a crying baby slows down recording projects this summer!).

This weekend was jam packed with cleaning and running around and holiday stuff. Andy got peed on by Ellie and I got to juggle the screaming Anderson on Friday (yes, we're practicing and yes, we know we will be peed on and have to juggle a screaming baby in the future. Gee, everyone makes parenthood sound soooo great). We saw the families yesterday and had a nice Easter with the ones we love. It's hard to believe that we'll have a 10 month old this time next year!

We're both dreading going back to work, but it must be done. I only have five weeks left till my leave, so I continue to rush through lots of content that I feel my kids just need to know before they forget everything this summer!

I have a doctors appointment on Friday and my baby shower on Saturday so I'll be sure to post pictures (of the shower, not the appointment) next weekend! Thanks for checking up on our little family!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jack Likes Kitty Cats!

The other day Ellie was meowing at my tummy (not unusual for her) and told me "Jackson likes kitty cats, Aunt Stacey!"

Despite the 16 inches of snow blanketing Northeast Ohio, Andy and I still had one day of our childbirth classes on Sunday. It was interesting and did a great job of anwering our questions. I liked seeing the Labor and Delivery room the best so I can visualize the actual birth. The room was nicer than I expected, but I hope I'm not in there for too long. Andy has threatened to invite people over to play cards at the hospital if my labor drags on.

We went to the doctor today for my 32 week checkup. Everything is looking great. Jack's head is down where it's supposed to be and his little heartrate was 124. Chitra said he must be calm today, but I think he wore himself out with a massive case of the hiccups before the visit.

Work is going well. Proctoring the OGT last week gave me tons of time to work on stuff, so I have all my sub plans done and my lesson plans done for the rest of the year. Now, I just have to grade a mountain of research papers which is my least favorite thing about my job and work the next seven weeks until my maternity leave.

I think I'm off to bed to sleep off the nasty cold I caught last week thanks to my germ-carrying students. I can't afford anymore sick days!