Our hands are full, but you should see our hearts!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Soooo tired

Like we predicted, life is crazy right now. We've been working at the house until very late for several nights now. The kitchen is painted, the living room is de wallpapered, joint compounded, sanded (oh, the dust everywhere!), primed, and half way painted, Jack's room is minus the border and cleaned and on the list to be painted next. We're so excited to make the house our home, but for now it's just a construction zone.

I had my first doctor's appointment and ultrasound yesterday. They think I'm due on April 14th, but I have to go back next week for another ultrasound so we can see the baby's heartbeat and get better measurements. There is only one yolk sack, so we're fairly certain it's just one baby again! I'm definitely feeling more pregnant now and feeling reassured that everything is okay. I had my first bout of bad morning sickness this morning, but I'm quickly remembering how to deal with it. Taking care of a almost-four-month-old and having morning sickness is much more difficult than my first pregnancy. Oh well, at least this little baby is healthy.

Jack had his first double ear infection hit on Friday. We went to the doctor since he was running a pretty high fever and got some antibiotics. He was pretty grumpy for a couple days, but now he's back to playing and talking. He still has a runny nose but it doesn't seem to bother him. He's been so good as we have had to shuttle him around from babysitter to babysitter so we can work on the house. Tonight, Mommy and Jack are going to stay home and get some much needed rest while Daddy comes home from work in time to go work at the house.

I hope to post some pictures soon of the house and Jack. He is getting so big and expressive. I go back to work on Friday, so I'm dreading leaving him, but Andy is off on Friday and Monday to take care of him.

Monday, August 11, 2008

In Survival Mode

We're eleven days into what may quickly prove to be the busiest and most insane month of our lives. We're packing to move, taking care of Jack, getting ready to go back to work, apparently being pregnant, and making plans to paint in our new house. Luckily, everyone is being incredibly helpful, so we're getting it done without too much stress.

Jack stayed with Carla and Bob and Patti yesterday so Andy and I could move a bunch of stuff (mainly Andy carrying stuff while I pointed where to put it). We're one whole minivan load of stuff closer to being out of our little apartment and into our new, bigbigbig house. We're amazed at God's perfect timing because we decided to buy the house and I got my job back before we found out I am pregnant again. God saved us a huge amount of worry, but still surprised us and blessed us.

I'm feeling pretty good still. I have a cold and a little tiredness and nausea, but nothing like the first time around. It is still a little early for true morning sickness, but I'm hoping to be spared the debilitating nausea so I can continue to get through this month. We've pretty much settled on the names Charlie or Molly for our little peanut, but we're open to suggestions for a full name for Charlie other than Charles. We want to give him the opportunity to have a professional name when he grows up. Andy's certain this baby is a boy, while I'll be thrilled with either a boy (playmate for Jack) or a girl (playmate for Mommy).

Jack is getting so big and growing up so quickly. He's rolling over both ways now and grasping toys and pulling his bottle towards his mouth. He coos and smiles all the time and is getting closer and closer to laughing. We tried to give him a little cereal last night, but he fussed and spit it out so I think we'll try again next week and see how he does then. He's sleeping through the night for about 9 hours and then eats and usually sleeps for a couple more hours after that. I'm thrilled that he's sleeping so well and it's just in time for me to need some extra sleep.

As we anticipate the new baby and enjoying watching our little boy grow up, Andy and I are so thankful for God's blessings. We have more than we deserve.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Surprise of a Lifetime

Andy and I found out on Monday that we are going to have another baby in April. Obviously, this was not a planned event, but we are thrilled and ecstatic that God is once again blessing us with a child. Andy is super excited and I'm slowly getting there, too. It's very overwhelming to think that we will have an eleven month old and a newborn baby. I'm worried that Jack won't get enough attention and that I have to take another maternity leave from work and that I won't be able to handle two infants and that I have to work through a second pregnancy in a year and a half, etc. etc. However, God is providing for us in amazing ways and we are so thankful that we will soon be holding another bundle of joy in our arms. We know we have an awesome family to love and support us as we take on this new endeavor and we are eternally grateful for them. We are overjoyed with Jackson and can only imagine the love and joy the new baby will bring!