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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cute Stuff the Kids Have Said and Done Lately


  • "Jackson is all done apple. Put away"and then he put his half-eaten apple back in the apple drawer at my parents' house (I think he was saving it for Uncle Kurt to find)
  • "Molly is a pretty princess"
  • "Mommy stinky. Mommy needs new diaper" (after I tooted...I blamed it on Natalie)
  • at 345 am this morning I hear him jabbering "Jackson watch Birdhouse on the 'puter"
  • "How about Mommy/Daddy/Molly/Blue Puppy!" (aka "I'm particularly pleased with you and I would like to give you a little shout out")
  • "Arms in the air. All done!" as he and Daddy celebrated getting his flu shot.
  • Sitting on the top step of our basement stairs to take his shoes off...just like Papa.


  • "All done schweepin" (sweeping). "Put away".
  • "Noooo" as she laughs and giggles to tease us
  • Getting mad at Andy when he put her in time out and she buried her face in the wall and refused to look at him when he went to get her out
  • Climbing on my lap and lifting my shirt to give Baby kisses...right on my belly button because that is the mouth, of course.
  • When we put Jack to bed, she pipes up from her crib and sings Appletree with us
  • Sings the ABCs
  • Grabs the dishtowel EVERY time we turn the water on in the kitchen