Our hands are full, but you should see our hearts!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jackson is One!

It’s been one year since this little man has entered our lives and turned our world upside-down and inside-out in the most gloriously beautiful way. When Molly came, we were already parents. We knew how to do the mother-father thing. Jackson was the one that patiently made us into the people we are now. He brings us the simple pleasures of raspberry kisses and splashing in the bathwater, jumping on the bed and playing peek-a-boo. He is constantly observant, inquisitive, curious. He is the best snuggler, slobberiest kisser, and most joyful giggler. He is stubborn, protective, insistent. With his inane sense of rhythm, fierce blue eyes, meatball hands, bullheadedness, tenderness, he is his father’s son. With his sensitivity, fidgetiness, determination, he is his mommy’s boy. He taught us to laugh more and love more.

Happy first birthday, Bubby! We love you so much!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Molly's First Easter and Jack's, too!

Our little family

Yep, he's trying to bite her (out of love, of course!)

Holidays are soooo much fun with little kids! Jack and Molly acted wonderfully all day on Easter (only little bits of fussies) and tolerated leaving home at 7 am and not getting home until 7 pm extremely well!
In other news, Molly is now 8 lbs (7 lbs and 15 oz. on Tuesday) and waking us during the night so she can eat. No more setting the alarm to wake her up!
Jackson's birthday is coming up next week so I'm doing all the planning and stuff which is good for me because I needed a project. I'm officially bored with maternity leave and excited to go back to work in a couple weeks. I'm really glad Andy will be home with the kids so I don't have to worry while I'm at work and that I only have to work for four weeks and then I have all summer with my little kiddos!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

You are 38 weeks pregnant...

Nope, I don't think so. The magic email telling me how far along I am in pregnancy is wrong. They apparently don't know that I had my baby...

Anyway, according to that email, the baby should be 6.8 lbs and 19 inches long.

According to Molly's one month checkup, she is 7 lbs and 19 1/4 inches long.

Mom got Molly a baby doll that was roughly her size when she was born, and we are using that to gauge Molly's growth.

One month old
Two weeks old
I promised Molly that someday we will be less focused on her weight... don't want to give her a complex just yet:)
In other news, we gave Jackson some whole milk on Tuesday afternoon. He then threw up in his crib Tuesday night and then on Mommy, and then in his crib again... He got three real baths and a hillbilly bath... Mommy just got to smell like vomit for a couple hours...