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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What I'm Thankful For...

Jack is intensely concentrating on Sesame Street
Molly at 8 months (it's hard to believe she was once as little as that baby doll)

Jack dressed as Fonzie for Halloween
Molly dressed as Joni (as in Jonie loves Chachi)
Molly really hates having pigtails in her hair

Jack's favorite hobby... making messes!
My sweet baby girl's sweet smile
Jackson (18 months):
  • favorite foods are bananas and raisins
  • tries to get in the onion drawer for the "apfels"
  • plays "hat" with Molly
  • loves his "shooshs" (shoes)
  • constantly wants to "brush teesh"
  • wears a size four diaper
  • tries to plug everything in (thank God for baby proofing)
  • is still scared of the vacuum, but doesn't cry anymore when he sees it
  • favorite TV show is Sesame Street
  • still loves his Blue Puppy and takes it everywhere (if you ever see a Blue Puppy at Target that is made by Carter's Just One Year let me know... we need a replacement puppy)
  • LOVES Mommy and Daddy's room and the Bathroom
  • takes one two hour nap in the afternoon but sleeps from 730 - 7 at night
  • sings Old McDonald, 5 Little Ducks, Happy and shakes his little butt to the beat
  • melts Mommy's heart because he still loves to cuddle

Molly (8 months):

  • is currently getting four new teeth, but you would hardly know she's teething
  • loves baby yogurt, cinnamon raisin granola, and corn cassrole
  • always wants a spoon to chew on
  • cracks up at Jack when he throws a fit
  • just started playing "hat"
  • doesn't crawl yet but still manages to get all over the room
  • pulls books off the shelf
  • wears a size three diaper
  • takes two naps (but is a cat napper)
  • sleeps from 7 ish to 7 ish at night
  • belly laughs when I wipe under her chin
  • is very ticklish
  • has the sweetest disposition and is such a content baby