Our hands are full, but you should see our hearts!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Little Man

Gushing Mommy bragging ahead...
I can't describe how proud I am of my boy. In the hour that I got to watch him play at preschool today, I felt assured that Andy and I are doing something right in raising these kids. He used his manners with his teachers and with the other little kids, asking them "May I please play with you?" He showed his inquisitive side by exploring every nook and cranny of that classroom. He cracked up the other parents and teachers by singing the ABCs while he washed his hands really really fast and by wearing three hard hats at once.
I know that Jack is going to love preschool. I hope that he always loves school and learning as much as he does now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Wrap Up

Well, at the beginning of summer I posted about our To Do list of projects and things I wanted to accomplish. Yes, this is very typical of me since nothing makes me happier than a project and my mother says I'm goal- oriented to the point of it being a bad thing. So, I'm now going to virtually cross off stuff!

1. Potty train the big kids: In June, I really buckled down on potty training with Jack and Molly. They are now telling us when they have to go potty, mostly going all by themselves with no help, and staying dry during naps. Molly has woken up in the morning dry several times and she woke up last night at midnight and cried because she had to go potty. All size six diapers are out of our house and we will eventually work on staying dry at night when they are a little more mature (or just start doing it themselves). My only concern is that I think Jack is starting to have accidents on purpose because it makes Mommy come get him.

2. Get rid of sippy cups: They are gone. Jack and Mo
lly drink out of big kid cups very well and I just mop my floor more often.

3. Fence: It's up after many long hours of work by Andy, my dad, and Kyle. We love it.

4. Ensure that we only have three children: The tubes are tied.

5. Attend story time at the library: We did this once and decided the kids are too little for it. However, one of my favorite things this summer was reading them new library books each week. They liked "Someone Bigger" and "Farm Flu" the best, along with the Little Quack series.

6. Go swimming: Oh my goodness, we swam and swam and swam and Mommy worked on her tan.

7. Squelch my type a personality and let the kids get dirty and skip naps if they were having fun: Done to a small extent. The kids got dirty but rarely skipped naps. They just like naptime.

8. Lots o' bike riding and playing outside: check!

9. Tball for Jack: He kinda liked tball and that made us put Molly in gymnastics which she adored!

Natalie started crawling a couple days ago and also pushes herself to a sitting position.

The kids are getting so big and are so much fun! We had a wonderful summer!