Our hands are full, but you should see our hearts!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jackson Robert Wolfe

8 lbs. 6 oz.

21 inches long

Born Saturday, April 26th at 3:59 am

He surprised us all and was breach so he was born by c-section (after almost twelve hours of labor). At least I didn't have to push!

He beautiful and wonderful and incredible and we just can't believe that he's ours to keep!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Waddle waddle...

Is it over yet? As much as I've enjoyed pregnancy I find myself asking this question every time I waddle down the halls at school or struggle to get up from the couch. It doesn't really help that my husband refuses to help me up because he would rather laugh at me as I impersonate an overturned turtle. Other than the discomfort, though, everything is going as well as could be expected. Now, every time I go to the doctor, they talk to me about going into labor, which is still kind of an abstract idea to me. It better get real pretty soon though, because it's going to happen in the next few weeks!

Everything is now judged by before/after the baby. Things like cutting Andy's hair take on a whole new dimension. His hair grows super fast and I cut it about every two weeks, which makes him due for a cut on April 29. But what if I have the baby? I sure won't want to cut it then and he will definitely become a full grown Chia Pet!

Six more days of work and then I may hopefully get to sleep in for a couple days before I'm getting up at all hours of the night. I hope I don't start motherhood in a sleep deficit like I'm running now. Everything else is done (car seats in, bag is packed) so here's hoping Baby Jack gets here soon!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

36 weeks!

I only have four more weeks left of pregnancy and I have a feeling they will be the four longest weeks of my entire life! I'm still feeling relatively good despite frequent trips to the bathroom, swollen feet, and insomnia. Part of me still can't believe that in a couple of days, we'll finally have our little guy in our arms!
I only have twelve days of school left and then I'm work free! I think I'm ready to go, especially with all the kids getting Spring Fever right now!
Andy and I just have to put the car seat in the car and pack our hospital bag and we're ready... wow, the reality of it is setting in!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Recent Happenings!

This past weekend was my baby shower and Mom, Patti and the girls did such a wonderful job getting everything ready! The hall looked really cute and the food was great. I think everyone had a good time... I know I did!
Here's some pictures of Jack's room/Andy's office... (I don't know how to put the pictures in a different order, so there's more baby shower later)

Everything was fine at the doctor's last week. I go in another week and then it's every week after that. We're in the home stretch!

We also found out that Jack is going to have a little cousin in November! Congratulations, Tony and Jen!