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Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 8 - April 14 (Mommy's Spring Break)

Sunday: Easter Sunday. Andy had to work so the kids and I headed to church and to Mom and Dad's for lunch. The kids hunted eggs while Natalie napped. Jack and Molly were yellow and purple eggs. This was the first year that they really got into finding their ten eggs. Molly opened all her eggs in a neat little pile and stacked them back in her bag. Natalie didn't hunt eggs since she was sleeping. She had a pretty pitiful cold with bruises under her eyes and a really runny nose. We missed Andy being there but that is life for now.

Monday: We bummed around in the morning and I did laundry. Jack kept asking where we were going today. He played Sonic on the Wii a lot. I worried about Natalie since she didn't look much better. I was nervous that she might have an ear infection. Molly and I butted heads all day. I took a step class at the Y that was a great stress reliever.

Tuesday: Dropped Off Jack at preschool and got them both registered for next year. The girls and I went to Target. We bought crocs. Molly hates to sit in the cart because it hurts her bum. I let her sit on my purse. Picked up Jack from school and just survived the rest of the day. Molly is a puzzle-putting-together prodigy and a play dough mess maker.

Wednesday: Daddy's home for five days! Woohoo! Natalie is starting to feel better! Woohoo! Jack sucked his thumb and wiped his "suck" on me. I told him that it was gross. He replied "It's not gross to me!" and laughed maniacally. I went shopping with my friend from work after the kids went to bed and found lots of cute stuff.

Thursday: All three kids to the doctor for well checks at 9am. All are healthy weights and heights. They are all tall (70-97th percentile) and around 70th for weight. Natalie's ears are fine and she just has a cold. The doc prescribed a medicine for her diaper rash. Natalie got three shots, Jack got two, Molly got one. Jack doesn't like when the shots pinch. They all like their band aids and suckers. That doc visit probably cost about $1300. Kids are expensive. Jack went to Veggie Tales Live with Grandma W. for his birthday. I went to class. I think I only have 27 more class sessions until I graduate.

Friday: Got the kids up and ready. Gma W. dropped off Jack from spending the night. Little buddy had a blast but was pretty tired. He perked up when we got to Karen's. Andy and I headed to Grove City and shopped a ton. We went to some neat restaurants.

Saturday: Shopped some more and came home. We went to a movie and out to dinner. Came home to a quiet house and watched another movie. Relaxing!

I'll try to do better about remembering the funny stuff the kids say. It might be easier if I post a little each day. We'll see...