Our hands are full, but you should see our hearts!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quick Baby Update

We went to the doctor on Thursday and heard our little kiddo's heartbeat at 157 beats per minute (that's 20 times faster than a blue whale!) but we're pretty sure it's a baby person and not a baby blue whale.

Everybody is healthy and happy... (but Andy's just weird)

Friday, October 12, 2007

10 Weeks

It's very frustrating when none of my clothes fit and maternity clothes are still too big. When the only thing that is comfortable is flannel pajama pants, I really question if I want to look professional or not get poked by a safety pin all day. Usually, professional wins out and I live in fear of my zipper falling down because I can't button my pants. But, after seeing Carla's big baby belly, mine doesn't seem that bad:)

Other than the marathon work day on Monday, this week was pretty low key. I rationalized showing my students Jurassic Park for the past two days (it tied in with a short story) and I've been grading like a madwoman. My kids are so good! I like them more everyday.

Not much is going on with us right now. We're just working like crazy and I'm sleeping all the time. Andy is teaching guitar classes at Plain Local Schools on Saturdays and he had to turn in lesson plans. It was funny seeing him do teacher stuff and whine about it, when I do that kind of stuff every week (especially the whining).

Baby is healthy and getting bigger. It is supposedly the size of a lime (a small one) right now. We go to hear the heart beat in a couple weeks. I'll probably cry and Andy will just smile like crazy. Life is definitely good!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

No more morning sickness! No more morning sickness! This past week was really good. I haven't been sick since Monday, so I'm pretty sure that whole phase is over. Now, I can get more things accomplished at work (including a mountain of grading I have yet to touch) and be a nicer teacher. My poor students were so good when I wasn't feeling well. I've got some good kids.

This week, I'm proud to report, I have not killed any small animals.

I was sharing my dead dog story with a class and I was telling them about karma (you do something bad, something bad happens to you. you do something good, something good happens to you) ((not that I really buy into the whole theory)) and I was explaining how I killed the dog and then got bit by a spider. One girl was giving me a really hard time and making me feel bad. She then got up to sharpen her pencil and on the way back to her seat swatted someone's planner off their table. As she sat down, she missed her chair and ended up on the floor. KARMA!

Tomorrow, I'm teaching all day then off to Stubenville for a meeting and I won't be home until 10ish. Maybe I should just get a hotel room in Carrollton and sleep in. Or, maybe I should just call off sick. Or, maybe I should just suck it up and do my job like I'm supposed to. I guess we'll see how I feel Tuesday morning!