Our hands are full, but you should see our hearts!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shots, Snuggles, and Slobber Kisses

Welp, I'm back to work and Andy has been holding down the fort this past week. He's doing an amazing job (not that I ever thought he wouldn't). He even took both kids to get their immunizations on Tuesday, waited in line with both babies for over an hour, handled fussies all afternoon, and the house was still clean when I got home from work!

Molly went to the doc on Friday and weighs over 10 lbs. now! She is actually sleeping decently at night in 5-6 hour increments which we think is awesome. Jack was a super good sleeper, but Molly might just be the best yet!

Jack went to the doc yesterday and weighs over 22 lbs. He is right in the fiftieth percentile for height, length, and weight. He is refusing to let us feed him any food except yogurt. He wants to feed himself everything, so he gets several baths everyday and has several clothes changes, too. He is super snuggly when I get home from work, but is oddly attracted to my feet. He pops his thumb in his mouth, grabs my big toe, and rubs his cheek on my instep. It tickles like crazy and I have to fight the instinct to kick him, but it's so cute that it melts my heart. He has also started to give kisses at random now. We used to have to coax him, but now he kisses when he's happy with us. His words now include: mama, dada, all done, and nana. He will say nanananananananana whenever he's in his highchair and the kid would eat four bananas everyday if we let him. Andy and I just keep saying how fun this age is! He also loves his little sister and wants to grab her all the time. He is also a binky thief... crawls over to her in the bouncy seat and *schnoink* grabs it out of her mouth and pops it in his...he thinks this is hilarious!

My students were glad to have me back and I'm happy to talk to adults again during the day. But, I'm still glad that I only have three more weeks of work until summer!