Our hands are full, but you should see our hearts!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dinner House

We told Jack that we were going bye bye last night. After he made sure we got all the stuff we needed ("shoosh" "cup" "Mowy") we left. He requested we go to "Mamma and Pappa's house" but we told him we were going to dinner, instead. He then proceeded to tell us to go to the "dinner house" (restaurant).

We went to the Chinese Buffet place which has to be the best place to take little kids. There's no waiting for your food and they have so many choices. The kids pigged out on chicken, pineapple, rolls, jello, and "all clean" (ice cream). Healthy, I know.

The old ladies at the table beside us complimented us on our beautiful children and how well-behaved they were. They really were very good and they sure are beautiful, in my humble opinion.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jackson Counting Wolfe

Jack counts from one to thirteen. He only counts to thirteen because he counts the steps as he goes up and down them. We only have thirteen.

He says "seny" for seven and "eleny" for eleven.

I forget these things too fast so I thought I should write it down. That's all.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Update

I had my first baby appointment on Monday and everything is just fine. We had an ultrasound to scope out my scar tissue from two previous c-sections, but I got to see our cute little fetus, too. There is only one baby in there and his/her heartbeat was a healthy 143 bpm and measuring 6 weeks 4 days (I was 7 weeks). Everything looked great and we're so happy for our healthy little peanut!

Baby is still making me incredibly sick all day long but I have some heavy-duty anti-naseau drugs and a cool wristband thingy that are supposed to settle my stomach. Best of all, I have a very helpful husband home on vacation who lets me sleep in!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

They're Growing Up!

Jackson (2 years 1 month):
  • 29 lbs. and 35 3/4 in. tall (50th and 75th percentile respectively)

  • prays "Dear dear, food, good, much, amen."

  • no longer calls Molly "Mo". She is now "Mowy". I'm kinda sad to see that end.

  • Sleeps in his big boy bed for naps very well and will be transitioning to his bed for nitetime sometime this summer.

  • Sits on the potty before bathtime and knows what goes in the potty, but has yet to successfully deposit anything.

  • says "Pwease" and "mank ooo" very politely and hundreds of other words.

  • Unfortunately, says "stuck" and "sock" with an f- instead of s-, so we get many weird looks in Target when the cart gets stuck and Jack screams "F***"!
  • gets Time Out a couple times a week and cries and cries when he has to go sit at the end of the hall. Molly usually goes with him to keep him company. She only stays for about ten seconds and then he suffers alone.

Molly (15 months):

  • 26 lbs. 3 oz. and 31 1/2 in. tall (90th and 75th percentile)
  • is quite a little Diva and throws a fit when something doesn't go her way. Her cry is "ear piercing" according to the babysitter and we can only agree.
  • has become very attached to her White Puppy and snuggles it and sleeps with it every night.
  • is thrilled to go get Jackson up in the morning. She toddles down the hall screaming "JA JA" and then reaches through his crib rails and bops him on the head.
  • only drinks from a sippy cup and our cupboard is clear of bottles for the first time in a couple years. However, they will be back soon.
  • follows Jack around constantly.
  • has been walking for about 1 and a half months.
  • has become a big snuggler
  • is very sensitive to tone of voice. If I speak sternly to her she dissolves into tears and buries her face in the floor.
  • will give you hundreds of kisses even if you only want one.

Baby #3:

  • has not been to the doctor yet so there is nothing to write about that
  • is making Mommy very, very sick, all day long.

All is going very well in our world and we're looking forward to summer, going away for our 5 year anniversary, no more morning sickness, and watching the kids play and grow.