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Monday, October 17, 2011


Jack: "Mommy, you are a pancake. I'm going to eat you."

Molly (pointing to Andy's freckles): "Oh no, Daddy, you have sprinkles!"

Molly: "Here Mommy, eat this." (Hands me pretend food. I pretend bite it. She laughs.) "That's doggy food! Ew yuck!"

Jack's new favorite song? Shout, throw your hands up and shout, c'mon now, shout! Now, waaaiiit a minute...

Natalie's recent accomplishments? pulling up to stand, cruising on furniture, saying Mama and Dada discriminately, eating cheerios, bananas, and other random food she finds on the floor.

Molly's new favorite thing? Playing tea party with her daddy

Molly is still convinced that Jack goes to "Pretty school" every Tuesday and Thursday.

Me: "Molly, are you lying? Tell Mommy the truth. Are you lying?"
Molly: "Yes, I'm a lion. Rawr!"


Anonymous said...

Wow, I miss my little Wolfe-pack!
They are so adorable!
Auntie Ann